2017 New Products

This armchair is called Gesang. It has a unique sitting posture that is between lying-down and sitting-up. This design provides the user not only with physical comfort, but also gives a mental feeling of cosiness. This armchair brings about an especially satisfying state of contentment when sitting on it. The main highlight of Gesang’s design is its pillow-shaped headrest. The headrest is designed to provide a feeling of security and comfort to its users, both mentally and in terms of its practical use.

Although the body of Gesang consists of a single board, the design of the divided cushioning is based on the curve of the back of a human body. With a combination of a headrest and cushioning with varying thickness, these armchairs fit very well with the curve of a user’s back. This design is sure to maximise the user’s comfort while sitting in a “sedentary” position. Gesang’s large and wide armrests were inspired by the shape of paddles. These paddle-shaped armrests were designed to give comfort to the user’s hands, forearms and elbows. They can also function as two small side tables for placing wine glasses, coffee cups, mobile phones and so on.