“Home and A Distant Place” – Banlan Furniture and Lifestyle Art Exhibition

After nearly two months of hard work by Guangzhou BANLAN headquarters and Xi’an BANLAN, the “Home and A Distant Place” art exhibition opened in Century Ginwa Times Square, South Gate, Xi’an in December 15th, 2015. Without the need to invite distinguished guests and friends from the media, the opening exhibited BANLAN’s usual temperament – peace and tranquillity.

In 2015, BANLAN took steady steps as it progressed. We have always sought to understand the relationship between art and products; the pursuit of beauty is found throughout BANLAN’s business aspirations and product designs, as well as in every one of BANLAN’s marketing events.

Through BANLAN’s collaboration with nationally and internationally renowned artists and designers, “Home and A Distant Place” unlocked a three-dimensional journey of furniture culture.

This is a place filled with art; this is a place where time goes by; this is a place that incubates dreams. BANLAN is our home, or a distant place that reflects our souls and dreams.