A Book

From the beginning of the year to the end of the year, BANLAN’s creative steps never stopped for a moment; from early summer to late autumn, we spent dozens of days and nights outlining BANLAN’s 2017 catalogue, which eventually turned into everything we imagined it to be.

Three artists in three locations - Guangzhou, London and Beijing; two months of international video conferencing; concepts being proposed and rejected; this is a process being repeated again and again. From the very beginning, the production of this book was turned into an artistic undertaking.

No accessories from well-known brands; all basic materials from the workshop: cardboard, sponges, assembly units, etc. Through artists’ hands, they were transformed into works of art. No costly props, but fruits, fish baskets and straw mats collected from a farmer’s market… No professional lighting equipment; sunshine and the tastes of our photographer acting as the lighting engineer. In this way, an unprecedented collection of works of art and BANLAN’s products took shape in one unrestrained and imaginative summer. All of them formed images with a sense of air and time; they became “Morandi” in our artists’ hearts. Our gratitude goes to photographer Wang Wei, stylist Cha Yin and designer Li Jingjing. We give thanks to this summer of 2016.